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Grandma and Me! | Minneapolis Boudoir Photographer


Hey everyone, it’s your favorite Minnesota photographer here, and today I want to talk about something near and dear to my heart: mini-sessions that capture the love and connection between family members. While boudoir photography and plus-size boudoir sessions are my bread and butter, I also have a soft spot for family photography. There’s something […]

Plus-Size Photography | Minneapolis Boudoir Photographer


Hey there, lovely ladies of the Twin Cities! Are you ready to celebrate your curves and showcase your sexy, sultry side? Because let me tell you, plus-size boudoir photography is the ultimate way to do just that! As a boudoir photographer here in Minnesota, I’ve heard it all from my clients: “When I lose weight,” […]

Referral Program | Minneapolis Boudoir Photographer

Group boudoir session for girls day out.


I completely believe in the power of referrals and the power of boudoir

Red Lace Lingerie | Minneapolis Boudoir Photographer


Red lace lingerie is a classic, and you can never go wrong with it! The color and style looks great on everyone. It’s the perfect color to accessorize or wear alone, and it photographs so beautifully!!  As a Minneapolis boudoir photographer, I get tons of questions regarding lingerie styles and colors. There are so many […]