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I am fun, quirky, and tend to make weird noises a lot (insert odd dinosaur noise). If you are looking for a more formal and serious session or lots of photoshop, I am not the best fit. However, if you are looking to have fun, and are looking to have amazing photos taken by someone who will probably be acting as awkward as you feel, I am your girl! Despite being goofy, I ensure my clients will feel comfortable and confident throughout their whole session. I get it, I'm not usually a fan of being on the other side of the camera, and know it helps immensely to have a photographer who makes it comfortable! Feel free to reach out to me on my contact page and we can chat to see if we are a good fit for each other!

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I have worked as a counselor since 2011, and bridging boudoir and therapy has become a magical process. Almost every single woman who has entered my studio has struggled with something, and their session is a part of finding themselves again. I want to help women work through these barriers and truly live feeling beautiful, worthy, and valued. When I did my own boudoir session years ago, I got triggered during my session (Like so many women, I too have a history of assault) and the photographer had no idea how to manage my trigger. I left feeling great, overall, except I felt like I ruined their day…. And now being on the other side I never want a client to feel like their session is for anyone but them. With my background in counseling I also prep clients, if applicable and they want to, to discuss possible triggers, coping skills and truly make the experience fit what each woman needs. 


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Being vulnerable can feel scary and difficult. I create a safe space for women to dig deep and express their pain, fears, joy, and hopes. I comfort and support you through tough moments and invite you to feel at peace with your vulnerability.


The foundation of my brand is built on empathy. Before I'm a licensed counselor, I’m a human. I have been through deep pain in my life, so I can relate and understand to some degree. All of our experiences are unique, but I am here to hear you and your story. Let me guide you through the road to recovery.


Humanity, at its very core, is built on love and trust. So often broken trust leads us to feel alone, to feel judged, and to question ourselves. Our relationship will be built on trust, and your whole journey is confidential and will stay between us. Here, you are welcomed with open arms with respect. You are cherished, not only as a client but as a human being. 


Humanity, at its very core, is built on love. Love from our parents, our peers, and ourselves. I share my love with you and invite you to do the same. Here, you are welcomed with open arms. You are cherished, not only as a client but as a human being. 

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