Let's be honest, we always can use an excuse to get together with our ladies.  Bachelorette? Birthday? Celebrating a promotion?  Divorce?
A day away from the kids?  
Do we even need a reason.... meh, I think not. 

What if we did a girls day...

But Better?

Why not make it the best one ever?

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How this whole thing works

Girls days are a blast!
It's like an adult slumber party in lingerie + snacks/drinks and a professional photographer documenting the day.

Each lady gets her own mini session, and we get group shots too!
How often (aside from being in a wedding) do we get professional pictures with our besties? 
Pretty much never, and that's not good enough.

Documented memories. Boudoir. Friends hyping each other up....
What could possibly be better?

this can be customized to fit your agenda for the day!

Spending the whole day at the studio may or may not be the end-all of your girls day out.  However, is arguably is the best way!  You'll be feeling so confident, on cloud nine from having such a great time and already dolled up - you're ready for the next adventure. 

These can range from mini sessions where we get right to the photo session... all the way to full sessions that include hair and makeup, a spread of refreshments and have a more chill, hang out feel to it that lasts hours!

Below the studio is a speakeasy with a delicious drink and food menu (NA drinks too!) if you want a one-stop-shop for your day!  10/10 recommend. 

I am here to make this day exactly what you all need... including being part of surprising a bride if that is part of the deal for her bachelorette party!

+ 15 Minute individual mini-session
+ 30 Minute group session
+ 1 Individual digital image
+ 5 Group  digital images
+ 50% off all products

Full session: $575 per person and includes:

Mini session: $325 per person and includes:

+ Snacks and refreshments
 + Professional hair and makeup
+ 45 minute full session
+ 3 Individual digital images
+ 5 Group digital images
+ 25% off all products!

Group  only: $750  for 2-6 people

+ $125 for each additional person
+ 2 Hours
+ $100 per additional hour
+ 30+ Group digital images
+ Snacks and refreshments
+ Each person gets $250 towards their own full boudoir session

Ready for the best day ever?



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