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Packages, collections, and more! Finding the perfect heirloom products to capture this investment in yourself.

The investment in your boudoir session goes so much deeper than just images. The experience itself is uplifting and powerful, the images are the reminder you will have forever of what you learned and how you grew in your self-love, acceptance, and healing journey.

Sometimes products can feel overwhelming, I often get the question ‘I do not know what I will do with these after’, which I get. So talking about this and HOW you can use these images ongoing as part of your life is something we will talk about together and I can help you pick what is best for you. Again, this is not a one-size-fits-all session.

The average total investment is around $2,800 for the experience, session, coaching, and products. I do offer interest-free, no credit check payment plans leading up to your session to help break up the cost which can be set up, however, works best for you!


This includes us developing your creative session, unlimited calls, texts and emails to help you feel ready for your session, hair and makeup, use of client wardrobe, one-two hour session, professional editing of images, lunch and an in-person reveal.
Session fee does not include any products.
Digital images and print products are sold separately.
Products start at 500.


Pre-payment plans can be set up however works best for you! We can do bi-weekly, monthly and for up to 12 months out!


This includes us developing your creative session, unlimited calls, texts and emails to help you feel ready for your session, untimed session, hair and makeup, use of client wardrobe, professional editing of images, lunch and an in-person reveal. 
"The work", Full digital gallery and 8x10 album with 40 images and diamond cover. 

Mini Session

This includes us developing your creative session, prep guide,  30 minute session, use of client wardrobe and professional editing of purchased images.
50% off all products

* past boudoir clients get 25% off everything! * 

* past boudoir clients mini session for $250 *


The work: multiple options

Six weeks of self-love modules. These modules include topics such as affirmations, taking responsibility, and self-image. I offer two options to add on 'The Work.' Working independently at your own pace for $99 or follow the 6-week modules with 2 personal calls to help make the most of what you learned for $300.



We head down to the river to do some water shots, typically we spend about an extra 90 minutes with this add-on. I have water shoes in lots of sizes if the water scares you!

Digital Collection

You can purchase a few up to your full gallery of images.


Choose from two different size albums, and you get to fully customize these.
Pick your cover, images inside, embossing, and so many other little details to make this your own heirloom

Glass Keepsake Boxes

20 or 40 - 5x7 prints on luxury linen textured paper in a glass keepsake box.  

A La Carte Products:

Metal Wall Art
Canvas Wall Art
Acrylic Wall Art


Starting at $750

01. Fill out the contact form

This helps me get to know you a little bit, your goals, and allows you to ask any questions you have right off the bat! I will respond via email, and if you would like we can set up a phone or video chat to talk more! Or, if you prefer to continue all communication through email we certainly can do that as well! 

02. Book your session

Once we know we are a good fit for each other, we pick a date and I send you the contract and session fee to be paid to lock in your date! 

03. Planning

Everyone is different, but I am truly there through the whole process. If you want to email me selfies in lingerie at the store to get my opinion, do it. If you are nervous and just need to talk out some fears, I am here to help you through those emotions. If you have some ideas you think are ‘out there, run them by me (I love getting to work with clients who want to do things out of the box, it is fun for me to mix it up too)! 

05. Session Day!!

WOOHOO! We will start the day just chatting, we can either sit or stretch while we chat. It is so normal to have butterflies that I find this time so helpful in just easing into the day. Then, if you elected to have complimentary hair and makeup we do that. Next, we plan your outfits for each ‘set’ and then start your session! Once we wrap up the photography part, I either order you for lunch or send you off on a self-love date. While you recharge and relax, I lightly edit your images and narrow them down to show you your final gallery to pick from. We will go through products and I will help you pick out your final order. 

I also do in-person reveal because we are so hard on ourselves, so I am here to help that mean voice in your head (if you have a mean voice) and help combat those negative thoughts. Our eyes tend to dart to our insecurities, so I am here to help you see ALL of you and reinforce your goals for the session! 

book your session

The next steps:

Frequently asked questions:

These sessions are about embracing, learning to love {or maybe like, accept) our bodies how they are now. If we can’t be happy in our bodies until XYZ happen, what happens when our body changes back? These sessions are meant to help empower us even if we see imperfections or things to change, because that will always be the case. The journey of loving our bodies is evolving so why not learn to love your body before you feel it’s ‘worthy’…. Because it is and you are worthy now.  


“what if I think I need to lose weight?”

Welcome to the damn club. I promise I’ll be more awkward and weird than you! Ha!

These sessions are so fun and not at all stressful. Most people find after the first ten minutes or so if being in front of the camera they have all their nerves out. But if you’re an awkward person, awkward might be captured and SHOULD BE because that you!  Don't let this deter you at all, most of us are awkward creatures. 


“What if I am super nervous and awkward?”

Everyone seems to be their worst critic when it comes to pictures. Boudoir and having my couch you is different because when have you ever had your photo taken in this way? I’m sure there will be pictures at your reveal where you’ll be like “meh not my fave” and we move on…. But overall it’s my job to capture the true you, in a flattering way. I’m good at my job and have years of training under my belt from some of the best boudoir photographers in the world. 

 So get out of that damn head of yours and trust the process! 


“What if I’m not at all photogenic?”

I like to think of it as enhancing, not changing. If you're looking to have body photoshopping, I'm not the right photographer. I'll do minor skin smoothing, color edits, remove blemishes, and a few other relatively minor edits - but my goal is when you look back on these images they represent the authentic you.

I am definitely more of a dark + moody photographer for boudoir, I love me some shadows. 


"What is your editing style?"

 Because you’re not any other person, so I hope you don’t look like anyone else. I sure as shit don't want you to.
This is about capturing you, not some glorified version that the social media world or Victoria Secret says you should look like to be worthy of having beautiful, empowering and sexy pictures taken of yourself.

 Have you heard “Fuck their beauty standards!” Yeah. That. 👌🏻


“What if I’m not as skinny as all the boudoir pictures I see on social media?”

Same day!!  I send you off to lunch (my treat) and I go through and pick out the final images to show you... which ends up being around 60-70 images total you get to pick from.  These 60-70 are considered your full gallery. 

I also can help you narrow down images for any products you want!


"How long do I have to wait to see my images?"

First, it takes some of the most training to become excellent at this form of photography.  I personally spend thousands annually to continue my training ongoing from some of the best in the world - because you deserve the best.  These trainings also include training for all body types; I have never hired models and all the women you see are real client's who have booked me.  I have worked with bodies xs-6x and with that, all the furniture I buy for my studio is inclusive for all bodies as well.
Boudoir sessions also often take me more time than a full wedding day between photographing, editing, planning, designing products and all the chit chat!  One session is A LOT of work, and I put my heart and soul into each session to make sure you truly get what you need.  
I don't provide a cookie cutter experience, I am a luxury boudoir photographer and promise that you are worth the investment!


"Okay, but seriously why is boudoir so expensive?"

I offer pre-payment plans to everyone, and can customize them however you want!   Many client's have a rough idea of what they want for products, and we work together to break down the cost into a payment plan that works for you. 

They are 0% interest, and is a great way to break up the cost.  We can set them to be up to 12 months long!


"Okay, so what are these pre-payment plans?"

I have an inclusive client wardrobe of sizes xs-6x, as well as robes and other fun things like body jewelry you can use!   I sanitize everything between client's so it is always fresh for you!

But, outside of the typical Lingerie you can think outside the box of things that represent you!  Like oversized sweaters, scarves, jackets, band t-shirts, a blanket you love.  We can make anything work, but just pick pieces that you feel represent y0u - not just trying to replicate something that you saw on pinterest and think you 'should' do. 


"But I do not have anything to wear!!"

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