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I'm not here to convince you to hire me.
I'm here to fill you in on what I do and why I do it so you can decide if we'd would be a good fit!

Why is it important that I'm a good fit for you?
I'll spend more time with you on your big day than anyone else.... so we better like each other!
I'm going to be capturing all the memories you will cherish forever, and I take that job seriously. 
Obviously liking my photography style is important, but if you are thinking of hiring me I am going to guess you already feel like that fits your vibe.

So, the brief version of what you're getting when you hire me:

A hype girl. 
Someone who will be goofy with you. 
I will get to know you both before, and make sure we capture you... not only the instagram you. 
Do you two give wet willies?
Dance like dinosaurs while you cook?
Break out the thumb war to see who has to do the dishes after the dinosaur dance party?

Okay... I might be describing my marriage.

My point is we all have quirky things that make us, us.... I want to capture yours! 

You'll also get my obsessive water offerings; as staying hydrated on your big day is highly under-rated.
 Pee helper, if needed, I'm down.
Need someone to get on the dance floor to get that party started? I got you.

Oh, and all the in-between moments, I will capture those too. 
The moment whey they look across the room and cant believe they got to marry you.
Or how about grandma kicking it on the dance floor with her walker?

Your parents tears as you say 'I Do'?
The details you spent so long planning and dreaming of.  
That cute flower girl dancing with the best man. 

If this sounds up your alley, let’s chat!
All the love, Nicole



COntact Me

Here is the deal.
Your wedding day is a big deal
.... and I get that.


Engagement Session
Two - one hour meetings to plan you wedding day
10 hours of wedding day coverage
Second photographer
Luxury custom 60 page wedding album


Engagement Session
One - one hour meetings to plan the wedding day
8 hours of wedding day coverage
Second photographer


Engagement Session
One - one hour meetings to plan the wedding day
5 hours of wedding day coverage
Second photographer


Engagement session
Hourly wedding day coverage
Hourly second photographer coverage

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